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Dear Brainline Student,

Welcome to 2021! Before we knew it, we’re on the brink of a new academic year and as a Brainline team we are excited for the journey ahead!

Each of us have a definition of greatness and how you would like to achieve that in your own life and future career. Remember, we know greatness when we see it, and we see it in you!

Please refer to your email for an important notice to book for your orientation webinar sessions.

Alternatively, visit this link to book your spot! 

Please download the booklet below that contains very important information for your attention:

•    NEW external platforms
•    NEW Brainline Cloud School features
•    Now that I have logged into, what do I need to know?
•    Orientation week
•    Preliminary timetable for 2021
•    Enrolling for Grade R – 3
•    Enrolling for Grade 4 - 12

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